Easter Monday

Last week was yet again another challenge for us all. Learning to live in isolation is a weird situation for us all to learn to adapt and accept the position we all find ourselves in.

Here on the farm life has altered drastically not only has Roy had to isolate from the world as his problems place him in the high risk category, but that has meant a major change in the house for me too. This is the reason that we decided to change and offer the collection service for our customers. This too became a major challenge trying to coordinate the amount of email and telephone orders and then trying to manage the amount of stock required to service it all. As most of our regulars will know Nick who did all the butchery is also placed in the vulnerable category so this has left me on my own. To my relief some kind volunteers that have been self isolating for some time have stepped into save the situation and help sort out our problems. So as you will have seen we have now a click and collect shop online, this has also been a steep learning curve for us all. I miss all our lovely customers and the friendly chats and updates from you all and hopefully in the grand scheme of things this will return to some sort of normality in the future.

The farm continues, I have just finished lambing and to anyone collecting from us I hope you have enjoyed seeing the lambs out in the fields, it makes you smile every time they jump in the air. I am trying to add pictures to Facebook on a regular basis, so keep peeking to see the latest. Our cow’s unfortunately are not in calf so no babies this year, which is sad. I am waiting on the arrival of a new boar for our ladies and hopefully more piglets in the coming months.

As I am trying not to leave the farm at all, getting feed for the animals and making sure they have plenty of hay and straw through the last few weeks has also been a challenge but with the help of fellow farmers and family we have overcome and they are all happy animals well fed!

We are busy planting now , lettuce will soon be from the farm, broad beans are in flower and runner beans, french beans, carrots, beetroot and cabbage are all being planted this week! We have for sale some herbs in pots that anyone with or without a garden could use, these will be available for sale on the online shop form this week. Susan who has been helping us out with the garden is a great source of information, so if you have any questions about your garden, let us know and we will aim to answer what we can to help you in growing your own veg or even garden plants? Some of you will know Judith who has been a great friend to us for many years is also a great source of information and has a huge amount of knowledge with cooking, so she too can help answer some of your questions just email over and we will get back to you.

We will be posting ideas for using different meals so watch out for menus ideas in the future.

If you have a special occasion and would like some help in designing a menu or would just like a special cake made, let us know we can do that for you too.

So for now, I am off to feed the animals their breakfast and then to make more pies up ready for the other farm shops around the area that sell them. Slow cookers don’t stop..tasty pies need tasty fillings

We look forward to the coming weeks and hope that you will enjoy all the new products appearing on the online shop, our ethos is still eat local, support local and enjoy local!

Take care


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