Happy New Year 2021

The start of the New Year brings all sorts of challenges to many of us especially in light of yesterday’s news of yet another lockdown. Schools closing, home schooling, working from home all seem to be almost normal now. Many changes for us all to adapt and keep our loved ones safe.

So I wanted to reassure you all that we will maintain our strict practices yet again to ensure that all your shopping is clean and safe along with fresh and local as much as is possible. The change with travel restrictions and EU will affect some of the produce that is available so we will aim to keep as much UK as possible at all times. As many of you know we already have local milk, cheese, bread, meat, jams, chutneys and of course all of our pies, quiches, and cakes.

For those entering a diet or changing the way you wish to eat for a while, just let us know if there is anything you would like us to stock particularly vegetables and we will try to help as much as possible. One request if possible please could you put your orders in by Thursday am latest so I can ensure to cover the products are here for you. All my deliveries are here by then apart from bread, but I have to place the bread orders on Wednesday so a bit of guess work goes into it, timing is of the essence.

The farm continues and we too have many challenges ahead, TB tests for our cattle, weaning fat little piglets from their mothers who need a rest! Our ewes have all come back from the crossroads fields and are now all snug in the barn preparing for lambing in early March. I can remember sending out short videos at the start of lockdown last year, with lambs bouncing everywhere fit and happy. Who would have thought we would still be in this situation then! Farming life still continues what ever happens in the world.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone that sent cards and kind words. Roy was a special man that taught me many things over the years and that I will miss enormously. He would have wanted me to carry on and remain committed to being there for the community for as long as I can. So we (the farm team) will continue for as long as you need and support us. My thanks go to you all for that support and understanding you have all been most kind.

Stay safe Sarah

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