Memories and Special Times

What a wonderful weekend, the weather was great and in true British spirit the celebrations continued! For many of us this was a time of reflection and memories of loved ones long gone but never forgotten. I recently found the wallet belonging to my father that was Sargent Richards in the second World War, he never spoke much about it. As he died when I was very young I missed out on so much that I would love to hear now. Take time to listen to your loved ones while you can....

But what a lovely surprise this week, looking out on the garden, carrots, beetroot, parsnips all showing their second leaves such an adventure waiting each day to see what is new. We will be cutting our own lettuce soon, hopefully this week, we have tried a couple and they are yummy. With so many of us growing our own veg this year it will be wonderful to see posts and photos of how your gardens are growing. So thinking ahead, we would like to run a competition not just for one category but for watch this space for more information to follow.

Back in the shop is “pot luck pud” no one will know what it going to be as I don’t have any ideas usually until Saturday morning!! For those that took the plunge this week I hope you enjoyed your squidgy chocolate and home poached pear tart? We have also introduced a cheese selection, we will choose three cheeses and throw in a box of crackers free! Next on the agenda will be the BBQ range, not the bog standard but my own about lemon, thyme and honey chicken thighs, or balsamic and redcurrant marinated lamb leg steaks. We have a great range of charcoal too most of which is locally produced.

This week I had a point where I lost inspiration and needed some ideas for recipes.....I wondered if anyone out there would like to share some ideas that you might have special to your family, why not share them? Just ping them over or bring them in next time you collect? We can post them up on the web site for all to share.

Once again thank you for supporting us through these very strange times, we really appreciate it.

Roy and Sarah


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