So it’s Sunday again

This week has been another week of challenges for us here on the farm. Not only did our main walk in chiller decide to pack up on Easter Sunday we also had sad news that one of our great friends and volunteer behind the scenes helpers mother broke her hip, we wish them both well and a speedy recovery! Our brilliant fridge engineer kindly came out on the Sunday and organised a trailer to be delivered so that all the meat was transferred in time not to lose temperature, this was truly a test of my patience which has worn pretty thin recently. Great people out there when you need them...the trailer was provided by a local company in Lymington so if you ever need a spare chiller let me know!

All the potatoes, broad beans, peas and sweet peas are planted and the bottom field is ready for planting, courgettes, lettuce and squash when we get time! Soon we will be producing our our own lettuce they are coming on nicely in the poly tunnel. Watch out on the web site for more information.

once again, our thanks to all our band of helpers behind the scenes and also to all our loyal customers who continue to support us we miss you all x

Lolly was enjoying the sunshine!

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