Something is Changing

We have all noticed I am sure, that the season is changing and along with that many new changes are happening to us all. Here at the farm we are now preparing for the tupping season, this is when we put the ram in with the ewes to hopefully put them all in lamb. The rams are kept separately from the ewes for most of the year this is to prevent odd lambs at odd times. By planning when the ram goes in it allows us to have lambs all at the same time at a time of year that is best for lambing. We plan for March lambs when hopefully the grass is recovering from Winter and the lambs and ewes will have tasty food for them all. We have finally finished fencing off part of our bottom paddock with permanent fencing, this is to prevent the pigs from roaming into areas that we have planted up with courgettes, sweetcorn, butternut squash and marrows. Pigs have a tendency to eat anything they can find given half a chance! Our two young gilts (pigs that have never had pigs before) will be the first to enjoy the grassy area and the acorns that are dropping around us. With the abundance of acorns this year, we will be fencing off part of our back field to prevent the ponies and cattle from eating them but still allowing the sheep to munch them up, they don’t affect the sheep in the same way.

As most of you will know we support MacMillan every year, this year we are planning to still provide our homemade cakes and goodies but in a different way. So when you place your order you will be able to book a preordered tea box, this will include either a cream tea, including clotted cream, jam homemade scones and cakes, they will be packaged into boxes and you will be able to select what ever size you would like. We will have a collection box so if you would like to donate more generously you can when you collect, and there will be a cake stall for you to choose from homemade cakes and sweet treats! Along with all of this we will have an online raffle with many great prizes. For this week the £1.50 charge will all be donated to MacMillan, so please order and support the event it would be great to raise some much needed money for them yet again.

We recognise that many of you will be unable to collect on Fridays soon, please let us know the day you would like and the rough idea of time, I will try to get you as close to what you would like, but I do need to know your preferences. We will soon be offering a delivery service for local delivery for those that can’t make the collection, we do like to see you all!

New pie flavours will be appearing soon, as autumn approaches I thought some new flavours would be good, we are trialling them now, they include minted pea and smoked gammon and curried lamb, both very tasty.

Finally we would like to take the opportunity to thank you all for your support, it really does mean alot to us and a big thank you from the piggies for all their apples they are loving them!

Roy and Sarah and the team x

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