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Who knows what the future may bring to us all? But what we do know is that we are very grateful to you all for supporting us and staying loyal to us throughout this ordeal. We really want to give you a BIG thank you. We are here to help, trying to develop the site as quickly as possible to improve the service to you as a customer? If there is anything you would like us to change or add, please do just let us know so we can investigate?

I thought it might be useful to have a little behind the scenes look at how the system works now. The week starts on Sunday adding all the stock onto web site. Monday I look at the weather and try to predict if its going to be a barbecue week or not? Then think up a new marinade for something a little diffrent to tantalise your tastebuds ( this week 1/2 a chicken marinated with lemon thyme and garlic). Tuesday the milk order goes into Briddlesford Dairies, so a lot of guess work to judge what we need for the weekend! Then Wednesday all our orders go into the bakeries and order for all the fruit and veg that we don’t grow ourselves is needed to get the correct deliveries on time. Thursday orders for fish go in first thing, then we prepare all the meat, sausages slicing the bacon, making kebabs, burgers packing everything fresh for you for the weekend. The evening is spent trying to make sure that I allocate the times that people have requested and then notifying everyone their times, please let me know if you would like a specific day or time and I will do my best to get as close as possible for you.I can’t wait to have a system that you can choose your own time! From now many of you will be returning or have already returned to work, so how about in the notes section of your order, (for now) you put a note to the time and day that would suit you, that way I can try to get as close as possible to your chosen time. Please note the earliest collection on either day is 10.00am that allows us to get the first orders ready. Friday and Saturday the fun begins, packing each order 20 minutes before you arrive, everything is packed last minute to keep it refrigerated until the very last minute. So if we are running a little behind it is usually because I have spent too much time talking! Likewise we want to ensure your box is full of lovely goodies so if you are running late just give me a ring.

We nearly always have some extras that I could not add to the site on time, so just ask if you are interested. This week we had Uk green beans, cooked beetroot and pineapples! Who knows what little extras we might have this week to offer. Payment is easy you can either pay by transfer, card or cash the following week. If you want to add anything email me in advance and we will add it onto the order for you.

To the future, not looking too far ahead, the shop is too small to distance properly to keep us all safe so we have chosen to remain as we are for the foreseeable.

A big thanks go to the gate monitors, Anna and Michelle for giving up their valuable time and to Alice for helping me in the week, I couldn’t do it without you.

In amongst all of this are the important part of the farm the animals , the sheep are currently enjoying some down time in the fields by the crossroads, very fat and happy...the pigs are happier now the heat has dropped a little and the cows are happy now the sheep are not eating all their grass!

Thank you all!

Roy and Sarah and the team of happy helpers

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