To the future and beyond.....

As some of you will soon start to return to work at some point, these will be interesting times and challenges ahead for us all. As those that know us will understand, Roy will remain in lockdown for some time as he is classed as high risk and vulnerable, he is pretty miserable too, which I am sure many of you will be able to understand. We too have many challenges ahead, how I am going to follow social distancing with shearers and sheep I have no idea!!

At the moment we offer the click and collect on Friday and Saturday each week, this ensures that all the stock is fresh in and will be good for the whole week for you. We have had many stumbling blocks and bearing in mind that my only staff have all been off for the whole period it has been down to me and some very kind and willing helpers. Unfortunately at some point Michelle who is the only one currently working with me will return to work so we are looking ahead now before that happens to make sure the service continues. Changing the way that we work has been difficult and I am still on a steep learning curve. Fruit and vegetable prices vary so much each week it is difficult to set a price and quantity before you have to order the stock and know what is or isn’t available, plus how much it will cost. Our sincere thanks go to you all for your support and for continuing to book orders each week we really appreciate it.

Some of you will have already booked the fresh fish that we have started to provide each week I will be adding more varieties but if there is something you don’t see but would like please let me know, email is great . The dressed crabs looked particularly yummy this week I think I will be ordering one for us! We have also added a BBQ section and some yummy additions will start to appear each week...minted lamb leg steaks and orange, honey and ginger pork loin steaks. Of course there is always the tender mature rib eye and sirloin steaks burgers and sausages.

Our next service is for all of you that have to return to work. We are going to change our collection times at some point to support everyone that can collect Friday to 12 until 7.30pm that way anyone working will still be able to order online and collect on your way home. We thought it would be a nice idea to also add a takeaway service. We are currently in discussion with a local award winning restaurant that can provide that service each week. We would change the theme each week, for example Mexican, Italian, a meat and veggie option in different size portions, that way you can collect your shopping and delicious meal on the way home! Your thoughts on this would be very much appreciated?

The garden is looking particularly good at the moment a big thanks to Boris, Barrie and Susan for helping me with cutting grass and keeping it up together and looking less like a field of silage grass waiting to be cut!

Keep smiling folks the sun is shining....

Roy and Sarah

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