What’s Happening on the Farm.....

Sitting down and just listening to the birds on a quiet Sunday afternoon is so lovely and peaceful. It is rare that I have time to “do nothing” and I must admit I am enjoying (a day late) a g&t for World Gin Day. Today has been a busy start, catching up with the housework, washing and of course feeding and bedding all the animals. I should have been at Winchester Hampshire Farmers’ market today but sadly as I still feel that it is still not safe for Roy I will not be attending for a while. Unfortunately for me my body clock is still thinking it is going to the market and wakes at 4.00am!

The sheep have all been sheared now and enjoying a change in scenery down by the crossroads. A funny trip for me , having not been down to those fields for two months we let the sheep go and ran down the road with them to see sheep dissapear into the grass which had got so long they must have wondered what was going on. But they have settled now and the lambs are almost as big as their mothers. A friend of ours Barrie kindly took all the wool off to the wool merchant. When you shear sheep the wool must not be left on the farm and must be sent off or used. So we send ours down to Wimborne, a collection point for the wool merchants. As there is no industry this year, the wool is almost worthless, another blow for us financially. Such is the way of farming!

Unfortunately the cows are not in calf and I will need to get them checked to see why they haven't taken, this will be a vet job,not something I can do, thankfully! Our cows don’t have a bull so we use artificial insemination, commonly known as AI. So no calves for us for a while sadly, but the girls are fat and happy, Roy said too fat and I got told off for over feeding😬.

Sadly this week Mr Turkey passed away and Mrs Turkey is feeling lonely so we have let her out to wander. She is very social and likes a chat so when you call into collect look out for her!

My day has not been wasted and I have been busy turning the gooseberries that’s Susan and I picked in the week 14lbs to be exact, into tasty goodies. The fruit’s (excuse the pun) of my labour will be available for sale this week...gooseberry and orange jam or gooseberry and strawberry jam...just to finish off I made a small amount of gooseberry and mint jelly, just for us!

We are adding lots of new lines all the time now so that you can hopefully ring the changes to your menus each week. This week we have added, brioche baps from Bakehouse 24 great for the burgers along with tomahawk steaks and much more.

I haven’t managed to master allocation time slots that you can select yet, but hopefully we will soon. In the meantime, please let me know if you have a preferred time for collection, I will do the best I can. I have a problem with too early in the day so our start time is 10.30 as we still have deliveries coming in. We try to make make sure that the stock we get is as fresh as possible but are governed to a certain extent to when the suppliers can deliver weekly. We hope you are all still happy with the service and produce, if there is anything you would like added, please let us know.

Thank you all for your continued business.

Roy and Sarah x

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