The Parlour Bakery

A new addition to the existing Farm Shop our own community local wood fired bakery that produces old fashioned slow fermentation breads and cakes made using local produce. When fired up it will help to reduce the use of electricity, baking bread cakes, pastries and pies. 

The Parlour Bakery at Tatchbury Manor Farm, coming soon!

To find out more information on how to support this project and to see what rewards are on offer please visit every little will help us to get the wood oven in and working.

Fresh bread.jpg

Our local area is missing an old fashioned bakery producing slow fermentation yeasted breads that are easier for the digestion. I started making my own bread some years ago when Roy was diagnosed with cancer and found that he could eat this without discomfort, he didn't like sourdough! My passion is baking (as anyone who knows me will know) and I have been teaching myself new products and improving my skills each week testing  on friends and in the farm shop to trial new ideas. We both planned to create the wood fired oven bakery and my aim is to see this happen and create a place where local people can buy fresh tasty breads and in time pick up a coffee at the same time.  We will be connecting with Lockerley Estates to produce a local loaf from locally grown wheat produced by regenerative farming principles especially for the bread market and also locally milled.

Homemade freshly baked cakes....


Homemade award winning pork pies and pastries